for rust contest

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LOL have fun

why are you using gmail to host your images

because i dont know any other way sorry


At least it’s not as bad as people posting links to their image files on their computers.

wernt people told to do that to take up less space

this is just a quick sketch ima do a way better one

Why did you make an entire thread about it instead of posting in the thread for it?

we can’t see it

host it on a real image host

wait what

Why are we even trying to reason with him?

we can’t see it because it’s an attachment to an email

how do u host it in real image host
im new here


oh i see it so do i have to re post it

tinypic as well

thanks guys

Garry Newman,

Can u please give me a beta key I saw the game and I saw that you were in PsiSyndicate you got stuck in your house

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