For the Dev's, I have an Idea with resource gathering

Hey Devs,

I’m not sure how far you have thought into the future at this stage, being only in Alpha stage.

I feel that the resource gathering is too easy personally. I was thinking that instead of just one resource node that gives metal, stone and sulphur, you seperate the resources into a few different node and maybe add more metals too? The craft time is about right (maybe a bit long) but with only the one type of metal, it still feels too easy.

Are you also able to change the pickaxe/hatchet system? It doesn’t seem right that you have both when you really only need one? I recommend pickaxe for stone/metal and hatchet for wood. maybe add a low quality pickaxe type thing to the survival list to compliment the stone hatchet?

Just a few thoughts.

-=DFG=- AngerIssues42.

Resource gathering is only “easy” on the small scale, if you have a small base and just getting by. But when you have large bases and crafting guns and kits etc it still takes quite a while.

^ Also when you go on a server with 30+ people on it. If it’s PvP you have like a 95% chance of dying on any given day trying to gather resources. If it’s not, everyone will have gotten resources before you.

Yeah I appreciate the ideas, but I disagree. Resource gathering on any significant level (especially stone/metal) is not too easy, especially with death being so common. No reason to make it even harder for a fresh player to do anything, already at the mercy of whoever has 30 C4 and a bolt action.