"For the Emperor!" Imperial Guard charge (Unedited)

Like I said, its unedited, so go light. Its a bitch to pose these things, and the body group changer barely works on them.

I think the camera angle is a bit bad though.

Abit empty. Sgt with Sword doesnt look too too good.

Dude with the sword looks optimistic.

Because that is the major problem with the picture :downs:

You don’t have to be an asshole about it, I pose once in a blue moon anyway.


This pose was basically a test of the IG ragdoll. I made 2 better poses since this one.

uberslug is better :smiley:

improve your posing

Eh, to be honest, it’s an improvement over your previous pictures, such as these.

Could still use some work. :cthulhu:

Can’t believe my own eyes.

LOL at those pics. Made me laugh, but yeah this pose is kinda empty towards the right. Posing looks a bit awkward but kinda OK. Also it looks like you duplicated those 2 guys in the back.

I wouldnt duplicate a ragdoll unless im posing loads of crowd.

I think their easy to pose and the body group changer works fine. :colbert: I expected better. Any way try to add more props and work on posing. Its really, really empty right now.

I love making retarded poses. Makes me feel like a minge again *tear. But those pictures are from a very long time ago, when I first started posing. Here are some I recently made:

The posing on the guy on the rock is kinda weird, but I rushed him. Should just remove him entirely.


I didn’t dupe them. Somehow they look exactly the same. Must be the camera angle, because the gun in front is running, while the guy in the back is pointing his gun forward.


The posing is kind of awkward for me, because they flop around a lot and are nocollided to themselves for the most part. Very different from the models I’m used to working with.

Also the finger posing is a bit difficult and awkward because their hands are kinda weird.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I love them, very much.

excuses =/= skill

But my skill is low. I need practice.

I can’t be a pro poser on my first few times posing.