For the Emporer

So I just got GIMP (Yesterday) so i decided to test the skills that I have so far. I really really need some constructive criticism, saying that it sucks or rating it dumb doesnt help me become better.



But otherwise it’s a very good pose and reasonable edits.

Freakin awesome, maybe not top-notch editing, but it’s THE coolest Warhammer 40k pose yet.

Posing is decent, especially considering how crap the models are. The editing is really shoddy though.

And this is why we need decent wh 40k models.

There are…

…But they’re private :sigh:

Pretty awesome job considering those shoddy models.
Though your editing could be better.

Posing is OK, but such models generally look good anyways, as long as they’re posed naturally by even a long shot.

Really looks like a game cover. Whether it’s an old one or a new one depends of do you picture the effects as better ones, or do you look at them like they really appear, which is superimposed, very much the style of older game covers. lucky for you, there are older as well as newer WH games.

I dont know if any of you guys have tried to pose those warhammer model but they’re a pain in the ass. and like I said I JUST got GIMP so the editing isnt going to be great. Thanks for all the feedback though!