For the Greater Good

A small but well-armed group of wannabe heroes has broken a Vortigaunt loose, and is on the run through the canals of City 17’s outlying districts. They have been anything but covert, and the Combine have dispatched several teams of Civil Protection units to intercept; however, the fighters are both determined and reckless and have absolutely no problem gunning down the small patrols as they come to them. Witnessing the whole debacle and fearing that things will escalate to a shelling or full-scale Overwatch callout, a second resistance group decides that preserving the status quo in this sleepy area is more important than the lives of these renegades - and even the life of their companion.

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It’s not so much a comic as a short series of screenshots with some backstory, so I’ll stick it in here. It was originally going to cover a fairly detailed story from the breaking out of the Vort through to the after-effects on the locals.

The RP community which this is descended from may have been a terrible shitfight of a place, which did all manners of awful things to the HL2 storyline in the name of pandering to horny weeaboo teens with more money than brains, but my time there (before it went to pot - yes, it was actually good once) provided the inspiration for this image in a couple of ways. First of all, the sheer amount of factional infighting between resistance cells and their members; sometimes this would entail the cold shoulder, sometimes all-out war. Secondly the way that things would escalate out of control when a certain ‘resistance’ member showed up, usually ending in a shootout that would make Stalingrad look tame and which often ended in a genocidal reprisal by the Combine, struck me as something that not all groups would want. While I was there I couldn’t really stop them myself because the character in question belonged to someone with a lot more clout than me, but as a premise for a pose it seemed like an interesting concept to explore.

Love that frame with the FPS sniper view.

Wow those are amazing!

Though my first thought at the title was “Oooh Tau!”



And this. Great pictures.

very nice.

love the story; somehow it adds a whole new perspective to the whole ‘rebul’ aspect of hl2

it never actually occurred to me that the rebels would be infighting, despite being in the face of a greater combine threat

You wouldn’t think they would, but the sheer stupidity I saw there from fake rebels/dumb refugees who somehow acquired automatic rifles/he who shall not be named was that bad that the basic option became “kill or be wiped out in Combine reprisals”

looks good

I liike that fram of the snipers aiming over the boat, sneaky looking :buddy:

You did really well with this, I’d love to see you make these a series of ‘Tales from City 17’ kinda thing.

that’s pretty original, first time i heard of rebel infighting
those are some nice angles in the pictures too

I really don’t like the lettering. It’s so difficult to read that I…didn’t. Nice editing, though.