For The Last Time

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Earth is burning, reapers are coming and shit’s going real. Best time for the one last push in recovering Earth.
Actually, a test for my new monitor with it’s widescreen-resolution. Moreover, it’s an attempt to fix some flubs I’ve made on the “Make Yourself Proud” ( All in all the picture inspired by the Extended Cut DLC, that’s for sure.


Posed in Garry’s Mod, edited via Photoshop

Great picture, but Shepard’s eyes are really creepy.

I guess we can apologize him for a little nervousness.

This must of took you forever man. Good job

If that’s London

Not enough blood.


. nonetheless C:

Actually it took about two evenings. Pretty fast, I should say.

Nice, BUT:

  1. Shep’s eyes look like they are glowing from the inside. I understand, Cerberus implants and all, but this Shep has clearly gone Paragon and his eyes shouldn’t glow. I guess Shep is pretty tired and frustrated at this point, hell I’d be cross-eyed too ^_^, but you weren’t going for COMPLETE realism, were you? =)

  2. Tali’s laser is off. Turn it a bit more counterclockwise. Making it less linear will also help.

  3. Shep’s posing is a bit weird. It doesn’t look like he’s running. Kind of like power walking (what an excercise! :slight_smile: ). Turning his head a bit towards the viewer would help. Maybe even make him look at the camera.

Dat Sheperd.

Dem lasers.

Don’t use smiles on facepunch. Please.

Thats beyond Perfect!

Thanks, folks!

Yeah, you’re probably right in some points. Especially speaking about crosseyeing and lasers.

Holy fucking fuck yes. :dance: