For the love of everything holy (undo feature)

Seriously… I spend 45minutes building a really epic house and actually misplace a fucking pillar and now my entire structure is fucked. I know it’s my fault and I’m stupid I should have been concentrating now but can you PLEASE implement a feature that allows the player to undo or trash a wall, pillar, foundation or something that they accidently placed.

Damn it’s annoying, it also doesn’t allow for the player to extend on their house as they gather more mats, I mean how can you extend it if you can’t take off the ceiling or something :@


I’m all for this. It’s stupid 1 misplace can ruin your whole structure.

Do devs actually read the forums?

+1 for sure!

“Yes” thy do read the forums.

Yes, they do. The “issue” you pointed out has been stated by a ton of people already and they are working on a solution.