"For The Motherland!" - Russian soldier waves the flag


First time I’ve posed anything in a while, that I thought was worth uploading.
Some minor things to point out:

  • Lack of faceposer explains emotionless face
  • I changed the colours around a little bit, I’m aware it doesn’t look great

C & C please

Also, feel free to edit it

Russia… Fuck yeah!!! Save the world from the mother fucking day ya!!!

I woulda liked the sky more if you hadn’t darkened it.

Uh… Russia is gonna save us all from… uh… a day?

posing is just… weird.


OP: Why is the camera showing off his dick?

Russians can shout without opening their mouth.

Anything specific?

Also to the other guy:
For one reason only :razz:

Posing is stiff and unrealistic. Texture stretching looks bad. I see clipping on the soldier’s hands. The camera angle is bad and it leaves a bunch of empty space. The whole entire scene is just boring. And what’s with the American planes?

What about the posing is unrealistic or stiff? This is the kind of thing you elaborate on so I can improve

Also, I just thought the planes filled some space anhd made it look a little bit more dramatic, couldn’t find any Russian ones

He couldn’t be any more specific, the posing is plain awful and stiff.

For Russia!

It’s a shame he isn’t faceposeable. Otherwise, he’d have to be midshout, going “URAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

or “За Родину! За Сталина!”

have you even been there ITS BORING AS FUCK especially Kirov


your a discrace to my country


conjurgated wrong in russian because you used a online translator but its ok russian is hard to conjurgate i barley remember how thats why i stopped using it


reskin the planes

That war cry freaks me out for some reason.


Russian soldier, with French typical houses in background?!



Wave goodbye to your head, wanker.

I like it :slight_smile:

Thumb clipping, sorry i’m being nit-picky :v:.

Blending mode overlay
Pr- Damn uglyness.

Just do not do it :wink: