For the new players that joined on steam launch.

Alright the threads that you guys made were made months ago by the original testers, Raiding is a huge part of the game, get over it. You’re going to get raided and you’re going to raid other people it’s a fact of life in this game. Secondly, Stop all of the ranting and the continuous threads without actually just searching for the million other threads which detail the stuff you’re going to rant about. Now here’s a few tips for you guys so you can actually enjoy this game a bit more, plan your bases appropriately. By this I mean don’t put them right on the road, don’t put them right on a resource gathering point area, plan them out, get allot of metal doors, spread your loot out throughout your house and in higher floors so it requires more C4 to get to. Also, you well see quite a few players tier up faster then you even after a wipe, why? Because we played longer then you and know the map and know where to find blueprints (Totally not hangar 18 area farming ;).) If you want to learn and study the game more check out the wiki here.

+1 ranting is kinda pointless at this late of stage a suggestion doesnt hurt dont feed the forum trolls and have FUN!!!

The hangar 18 area you’re talking about, is that the civ. hangar mentioned on this map?

Just wondering, I usually get my blueprints off of zombies.