For the Tsar and Fatherland


Those are some nice Imperial reskins. Where did you get them if you don’t mind me asking.

Also you should have added some gear on them,nobody would send their soldiers to fight with just a single rifle.

I’m not sure if they had tsars at that point in history. They shot the royal family if I believe correctly.

they got rid of the tsar in 1917

3rd pic doesn’t work but I think the bloom on the edit is toom uch, OP

A lot did, really.

Small tidbit - it’s Mother Russia not Father Russia. So Motherland. Germany has a Fatherland. Unless you went with the Otcina.

Too many rifles, not enough pitchforks. Historically inaccurate. 2/10

horrible JPEG quality, but otherwise not bad

its always a shame seeing very high quality work like this tainted by jpg

Updated third pic aka bigger size
Is it works?