"For the Zakhaev!" [Some neo ultranationalists are shooting their guns by APC.]



Why is the guy shooting a firework fountain at the enemy?

Magic Bullets!

Yay, Its a trick gun, those comedian’s re-enacting a war 5 years from now

Oh holy lord… What the fu, is up with that muzzle?! O.o
Good posing my friend :slight_smile:

strong winds pushing sparks backward

Uberslug, that might be true, but it looks like a f’ing firework…
Besides, what else shows that there is a strong wind?
Neither the grass or the blood is affected :stuck_out_tongue:

Im pretty sure he is holding that F2000 or whatever it is wrong.
Blood is a tad too dark. looks like ink.

I’m almost certain he was joking

It looks like he’s firing the UGL which would have a different muzzle-flash. It looks nice but out of place.

Are those tennisballs on that left guy’s leg

he is firing grenade launcher.

Their camo is terrible

It looks like you saw iw’s poor excuse for russian camouflage and decided to upgrade it from false to absolutely retarded. They don’t wear bright red camouflage in any pattern, period.

for THE Zakkahev?
also hand posing on the far left soldier is really bad
and this camo has to be the most unpractical one i’ve seen yet


wait nvm about the hand posing hes using the nade launcher

The F2000 now comes with sparkler launcher? Those skins are UGLY. Posing is decent.

Mhm… Weird muzzleflash…
P.S. I can’t find the muzzleflash tutorial.
Can someone help me?

Make Fireworks not War

It’s okay. I like the camoflauge pattern.

LOL u ussed a sparkler as a muzzleflash thats retarded but nice editing any way