For those "Caught" nstepping/lag switching...

If we have video “evidence” of them doing this will they get banned for cheating? I was INSIDE my house yesterday when a bit of “lag” happens and I get one shotted and killed inside my house by a guy called
Check it out:

And another occasion he one shots me from just outside my house. Each time I saw him and his friends there would be a lag spike and instant death on my end. And it was recorded since I was streaming. Is this sufficient evidence to get them banned?

I’m pretty sure it’s been stated before that these people won’t get banned - the bugs will be (and have been) fixed, and these same people effectively test wether or not the exploits still exist.

Most of us who have been playing for a while have been wiped out by cheaters in some form or another multiple times, you just have to accept it as a part of testing.

I wish it were, but I believe since it’s alpha and we’re supposed to be playing to “win”, the general attitude is that it’s not a big deal for people to cheat right now.

I understand that logic, but it’s still obnoxious due to all the kiddies who use that as an excuse to cheat incessantly, like the DES guys you’re talking about.

Yea, that’s what I’m wanting to know. If someone blatantly exploiting the system can get in trouble. Or if it’s just “testing” even if it gets abused over and over.

The bigger a problem it becomes, the more incentive for someone to fix it.