"For those of you that forget who you are. Let my bullet be your reminder"


  • Haven’t done blood, muzzleflash, or tracer in awhile
  • enjoy
  • blur messed up abit, the AA is on full so there isn’t any, it’s just how the blur fucked it


Eric seems to be happy that the officer got shot.


Great work tho.

jpeg_quality 100

tracer is completely wrong

care to show how it should look like?

Blood is overdone.

from a pistol? there shouldn’t be one at all

from something which routinely loads tracers? it wouldn’t ignite that close to the muzzle anyway

in some fantasy universe (see: every action movie ever) where tracers are fired by everything and ignite the moment they leave the weapon’s barrel? a long, white streak giving off a glow of whatever colour phosphorous it’s burning.

ignore the wonkiness, that’s due to camera angle (very acute angle, so the drop of the round looks exaggerated) and ricocheting rounds. first google image result for tracer.

onto the posing: everyone looks bored.


oh, and the blood is wrong. not overdone at all, but wrong. there should be maybe a trickle running down his face from the entry, not a spurt, and a lot of spray out the back as well as skin flaps, bone frags, brain matter, etc.

thanks for the feedback, this is my first serious edit with blood so i did my best. but I’ll keep working on what you all said

The tracer is the biggest problem.

Looks like he’s got some sort of helium gas laser gun

I like that blood effect, looks gooey :v:

Photoshop i guess? If it is, tell me what filters you use?

noise and gaussian blur at a glance, with a touch of motion blur and some blending effects (outer glow)

hint: don’t use these unless you know how to, filters and blending options do not automatically make a bad pose look good. you cannot polish a turd, no matter what anyone else in this forum would have you believe. don’t even try and edit a picture until you’re proficient with posing and composition.