For those of you wanting models from L4D

I have ported every single model from l4d1 and a few maps, Download as you please!
You need the included models to run the maps. (I took the liberty of porting them for you)

(This is the only preview for now)
More pictures coming soon!
Thank you for anyone who visits! It will help me to make more projects in the future.
One issue I can not seem to fix is the mat_specular . To fix it just type mat_specular 0 in the console.

Well, isn’t it warez? For those who don’t have L4D…

Well the maps I think it’s not ilegal since as far as I know, you can’t play them in GM.

O rly? The maps are ported, so it means that you CAN play them in GMod.

You TWAT, Seibitsu meant that when you mount L4D normally, you can’t play the maps.

Anti-Saint simply ported the maps, making them playable.

But I can agree with you when it comes to the model being warez

All the maps included can be played, as long as you use the models.

Isn’t that what I said? That your ported maps can be played, whereas the default ones can’t?

I’ll edit my earlier post for clarity purposes.

The maps from L4D cannot be played for reasons:

  1. They have entities that are from newer versions of Source that the current Orange Box can’t handle
  2. The maps themselves are newer versions, for example, L4D2 and Portal 2’s maps are version 21 while Orange Box’s and L4D1’s are version 20 (L4D1 maps will still crash because of the newer entities that causes crashes in the older Source Engine)

EDIT: And why not just Pakrat the models into the map so that nobody figures out why they have L4D content in the map?

I’ve never done that before. I’d gladly accept your help… If you wouldn’t mind.

The map sizes would be 1GB<

Yeah that’s Probably true, But I could only use the mandatory props in each map, cutting down the size a LOT. Although this map project isn’t finished. I’ll be combining the maps by the safe-houses.

Sounds good, by only putting in the models and textures that are used in the map. For example, I saw the newest version of EvoCity with L4D’s Gaspumps and found the models + textures in the .BSP file using GCFScape

Anyway, I wonder when there will be “Mounting Game DLC support” for Garry’s Mod? You know, The Passing, Cold Stream and The Sacrifice

If anyone can help me out with this project let me know. I’m really busy most of the time.

|:| Oh really?