You cant have a key now.
There is one way to get key-

Please dont spam in the forum !

Go to draw your picture, there is very small chance to get a key !

(User was banned for this post ("This is what the sticky is for" - SteveUK))

im sure this wasnt necessary there are alot of threads like this that just get lost

it’s like there was a sticky for this somewhere

ProGamerz, I saw you post your picture in that thread like 5 or 6 times. In turn, you got banned for it too.

Why would they see this, and not see the sticky?

I uploaded 5 drawings and waited 2full days and still no key. What.
Theres even no answers for my thread. Its just closed.

There’s over a hundred pages, it’ll probably take a week or something to get a response.

Everyone is getting to desperate! Garry is still working and fixing ALOT of things. He doesn’t have the time to worry about those who are to desperate and want to play the game now! Just let him work so it could eventually become open to the public!! :smiley:

dumbass there is 3 ways gold membership get it from a livestreamer or picture contest

Seriously what makes you think the people will read this one before the sticky one? God these kids

I’m pretty sure the mods have gotten to the hundreds with the ban hammer.

progamerz you went total nuts man what the hell do you think you’re doing ? everybody knows that , do you think you’re being helpful? it is just spam!

Yeah, but I’m pretty sure the mods don’t judge the contest, could be wrong though

I find it rather funny that you spammed the forum yourself and you think it’s a good idea to make a thread about something that already exists. Not bad.

all these posts about keys

greatguy your post is just as useless