"For us. It's a symbol of our oppression.."

yeah yeah, it’s obviously another 5 min fuckup that i’ve managed to shit out.
enjoy it. though you probably won’t like it…



clouds are nice, though the citadel needs anti aliasing and the blur on the left side just kind of cuts off

background worthy,

The clouds are nice, and so is the overall picture but as usual i’ll be nitpicky and say the edges of the citadel are jagged once again (isolation damn you) and the cloud is overlaying part of the citadel which looks out of place.

Not bad. Like the clouds.

Not to shabby :tiphat:

I quite like this. Bit of a brush-happy piece but it’s pretty good.

yea wat mah dawg chesty said

I like it. :buddy:

Well thanks guys. o:

The Citadel looks a bit aliased, but that’s my only complaint. It looks very nice indeed.