"For What It's Worth" - A morning patrol walking in the jungle.


the colours and lighting are beautiful, and the whole scene so placid. it’s a great juxtaposition of the horrors of war and the political turmoil and ~DEEP POLITICAL DISCUSSION ITT~

Very good job.

And then, automatically, the song White Rabbit starts playing in my head as I looked at this.

Really nice work done here, Ilwrath.

Good, very good.

I like the colours.

Thanks everyone.

There’s also 50 hidden VC in the picture, can you find them all?

I fuckin love this song.

Bravo on the screen shot also.

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I fuckin love this song.

Bravo on the screen shot also.

I cant see the screenie man.

Scratch that,That is pure beautifullness Right there.

Nice feel for the 'nam era.

Lovely picture! and the music suites it so much!, I think i can see 1 vc?

Why do people ask this? Would it be that hard to spend 10 seconds of your time to check the release section, the OH YOU KNOW, ONLY PLACE ON FACEPUNCH WHERE MODELS FOR GMOD ARE POSTED instead of askin?

Sorry I forgot to look in there, silly me. Nice models by the way

these colours man, great