Force a npc_citizen to duck/run away from player

I already have set the citizen’s relationship to D_FR with the player… but the citizen always just looks at me and stares into my soul instead of running away or ducking (I’ve seen them duck). How do I force them to duck like they do some other times?

Forget all the errors. I managed to actually fix the errors by restarting the map. Odd glitch. Anyway, now the NPC just, well, runs away instead of like ducking like I see them do sometimes.

Don’t see anything there that would make citizens duck/crouch. At all. And, how would I trigger that in Lua?

You would spawn the entity and set the key value that invokes your desired effect.

I don’t actually know the animation/code/name whatever to make them duck… and my HL model viewer crashes 100% of the time. So how do I get the animation name/number whatever it is? And how do I get a list of keyvalues, like one that plays animations?