Force client to download models

Hello guys,

I have a DarkRP server, with alot custom models.
The models are in total 800mb, and my host is supporting FastDL but i don’t know how i force the client to download it.

I’ve tried to work with the whole ‘resource.AddSingleFile( “/models/model.mdl” )’ stuff, but it isn’t working. (Lua file is in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server)

Please help me, otherwise i’d have to make a dlc pack in Workshop :confused:


EDIT: It’s a server hired at Vilayer.

Do resource.AddFile(.mdl) this way it will also download other files associated with the model (vtx, etc)

But if the models are 800mb then I doubt anybody is going to sit half of the day downloading them, better host a model pack somewhere and encourage people to download it before joining.

I’m just going to start over again i guess, new models and so on. :smiley: Thanks anyway!

Add me maybe, i need some help :s

You new guys really need to look around to find out how, its not that hard to do.

  1. Put the addon folder in server’s addons.
  2. Put the addons matirals, and models in the servers matirals and models folder.
  3. Then script the ForceDL script which can be found all over the inter-webs xD

Here is an example from my server:


Its that easy :slight_smile:

Notice your extra slash at the start.
That’s what’s causing you to error.

Good eye man xD

Lol, i agree with Sicknezz, but anyways; thank you man o_o It seems like this fixed my problem.

Also i began using Fox-Warriors Resources Generator, very easy to use :smiley:

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Pff, alot models aren’t downloaded to the client, but some are… Why is it? :l

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For example:

I have this in lua/autorun/server:
resource.AddFile( “models/V/v.mdl” )
and this in shared.lua in gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode:
TEAM_THIEF = AddExtraTeam(“Thief”, { color = Color(0, 0, 0, 255), model = “models/V/v.mdl”, description = [[You are a thief. You steal stuff and loot with your lockpick.]], weapons = {“lockpick”}, command = “thief”, max = 5, salary = 150, admin = 0, vote = false, hasLicense = false, })
and the model is here:

But if i take the job in-game i’m an error.
This is with more jobs, the only job that is right is the NSA Police… (also custom model)

Help me ? :s

When you join the server, dose it say its downloading all the models you have set to ForceDL?

If you want, you can use this software :


Didile: I already did.
But at all, i made a dlc which is downloadable online, all models work but in the jobs menu in-game they all are errors… :frowning:

Wish I knew about this 2 years ago…

Back to topic please? :c

What now? I showed you how to do it, and you were shown a program that dose it for you…
What do you still need help with?!?

not this/

800Mb to join a DarkRP server? You have to advertise it really well for people to join lol.