Force Download and FastDL Tutorial?

can someone post one, i am totally new to this._.

Copypast method.

1. Copy ALL the files from /orangebox/garrysmod
**2. **Put them up to host into directory, name “fastdl” (optional for name, even “lolwtfisdisshit” :D)
3. Put convar "sv_downloadurl " to your web-dir. (sv_downloadurl http://over9000site.ololo/fastdl)
4. Check for rcon config and other passowrds at FASTDL directory
5. ???
6. Profit!

#4 more info on that plox.

If you have just uploaded all the files from ./garrysmod (dot means server directory, 'kay?)
then you should check for /garrysmod/cfg/ (without dot — remote (from server) host).
If there are any files with convar “rcon_password” (server.cfg) or with sv_password — remove them.

If you have any of “passworded chat” (saw same addons) — remove their configuration with passwords.