Force download help!!!!

Hi everyone, so about a week ago I rented a host server on Xenon, and also set up a web host for the server content. after literally days of coding stuff for my own custom dark rp server, I ran into the trouble of getting my addons to the players. I’ve googled for days more and tried everything I could find without any luck. So here’s the details:
If I set up a resource.lua for any addon it seems to download something while joining my server, but once you get on, any of that content isn’t there, the strange thing is that there seems to be a file path to find what was downloaded in the spawnlist although nothing is under it. I’ve also tried editing the lua file of that specific addon to include the “if server then” resource info, but still i get the same issue, players download content but it doesn’t work. I know the files cant be corupt because they work fine for me if i manually add them to my game. so if anyone out there has time to explain what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it a whole lot. I’m even willing to pay someone to get my server finished. I think of myself as a do it yourself guy but I’ve been doing nothing but sleep, work, work on server for a week now, and I’m at my breaking point lol.