force download maps

i was adding a new compressed map to my fast-dl and to my server but te problem was it took way to long to download if you guys could help that would be awsome thanks

When compressed you mean BZip2?


How fast is your internet connection and is your fast dl website hosted with a decent internet connection?

yes its pretty fast…
my web host has 50gb bandwith so i dont think thats a problem.

50GB bandwith is pretty small.

20 is needed isnt it?

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20 is needed isnt it?

We’re talking about a G-Mod FastDL, not a big website.
Its considerably enough for a server.

thank you so any solution?
here is the map

  1. Do not compress the file that is in the Server. Compress the one in the FastDL.

  2. Are you sure you’ve set the FastDL up correctly : sv_downloadurl “
    sv_allowdownload 0
    sv_allowupload 0

  3. How big is the compressed size of the map and where is the web hosting and you located? I can see america but where?

  4. The Bandwidth of the webhost seem to be the max limit u can use. What is the Upload Speed they have?

Regards, Sven.

You say that, but my forum only uses a 5GB bandwidth hosting package :slight_smile:

Each row is month, Jan-Dec. No where near as popular as forums such as facepunch etc, but it’s frequented by many and uses less than 5GB bandwidth.
50GB is more than enough for a FastDL server.