Force Download Models

My Gmod server is running a few model packs:

and they work when someone has downloaded them and put them in their own addons folder, but I can’t get it to make people download them. How can I do that? My server is running DarkRP if that matters. I’d like to know where exactly I need to put them on the server, and on my fastdownloads FTP. Thanks.

Are you running any admin mods like assmod or ULX?

Yeah, we’re running ULX.

Ask the lua guys.

Good, add this line to the server.ini
[lua]ulx addForcedDownload “addons/(addonnamehere)” 1[/lua]

Been a while since I last used ULX, so I don’t know if it works anymore, or if it even goes there.

Heya I am working on this server with dhill
and thought It might be helpful to offer up more information.

The forced downloads filelist moved to ULX/data/ulx/downloads.txt in the latest svn versions. I think we have that setup correctly. Clients are downloading the model\material files to their garrysmod/models & materials folders, but are still seeing the models as errors ingame and in the DarkRP jobtree. From what I have read on similar posts

I think other files must play a factor in setting up ‘addon format’ model packs with fast dl. I uploaded the seperate materials, models, settings, and lua contents of the model packs onto the corresponding fastdl locations (garrysmod/materials etc…) and made a addresources.lua in the garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/ folder on the gmod server.
I have only added the materials/models file locations to the addresources.lua . They all download to the client fine but still show up as Errors. I have also loaded the latest server cache files onto fastdl. I remember hearing that lua files were downloaded to the client through the cache/dua/ folder so I am not sure what to do with the lua and settings files that are inside the model packs… Is that the question I should pose to the lua guys Jaanus? Or were you suggesting the lua guys for ULX support? Thanks

Sry dident fully read the next comment

Go to your dedicated server folder, navigate to garrysmod/lua/autorun/server and create a .cfg file with the name “resources”. Use

resource.AddFile( "file location" )

for files, and

AddCSLuaFile( "file location" )

for LUA. It defaults to your Garrysmod directory so you can do /models/yourmodel/yourmodel.mdl and it recognizes the addons folder so you can also go straight from addons/model crap 2.0.