Force Download not working since conversion to Steampipe

I’m not sure if my server is the only one having this problem, but here we go.

Ever since the conversion to Steampipe, force download does not seem to be working correctly when before the Steampipe update there were no problems and we have not added or removed anything since the change to Steampipe. It seems to be constantly trying to download certain playermodels, however which ones that seem to be struggling to download appear to be clientside (in other words, some people have no problem seeing one model, but several others see that playermodel as an error). We have checked and double checked that all our files are in the correct positions, and we can’t figure out what could possibly be wrong. On top of that, any none-CS:S map seems to not automatically download, either.

Are we the only ones having this problem? If not, what can we do to fix this?

Check if the players seeing the error have a GarrysMod folder in their steamapps/common folder. I had the same issue where downloading shit didn’t work because my garrysmod folder was still in steamapps/<account>/garrysmod.

As I’m one of the people having problems, I can say with certainty that’s not the problem. My Garrysmod folder is in steamapps/common, and I can download some of the models from my server but not all of them.

I seem to be having the same issue, including the maps not automatically downloading for players :frowning:

I don’t understand why? D:

Same problem with our TTT server. Maps do not download, Some pointshop models did, however, appeared as errors once in game.

Custom player models (Non hl2/CSS) seem to disappear once they have been killed as well.

I deleted my gmod thinking maybe it was on my end, when I join the server it redownloads EVERYTHING! but non of it actually works, its all errors :confused:

Now every time I join it downloads everything again but nothing changes.

I never wanted to punch a digital thing so badly before…

Have you started up your CS:S?

It’s a problem with custom content downloading from servers, not CS:S textures. We’re talking about things like custom player models.

Anyway, still having problems and yet to see or hear about any kind of solution. Also, I’ve noticed for me personally, that while Steampipe claims that downloads will be faster, that it’s actually taking way longer, and that sometimes when I’m trying to download custom content from a server it will freeze with one bar to go with a model or material being downloaded (thus, I’m never actually even able to play in servers at this point because it won’t even finish ATTEMPTING to download, even though it still doesn’t actually download…)

And maps not downloading has definitely been a massive problem. I have yet to figure out why for that; maps are supposed to download automatically but they’re just… not.

Do you have the resources added? no? then I suggest
Do you have a fastdl? Check with provider or set up you’re own
Are they in the proper folders? Do you have them in the models/materials folder?

CS:S problem: Do you have CS:S downloaded and mounted?

Apparently people really couldn’t read the fact that I had this working before Steampipe. -face palm- Anyway.

We finally fixed it; apparently, it was a problem with our server host not properly setting up the FastDL, which was causing all of the problems. : Maybe that info will help others, I don’t know. If you have FastDL and it’s magically not working and it was working fine before Steampipe, I’d suggest talking to your server host because apparently that was our problem all along.

Splitty, I’m having the same problem, but we manage our own fastd/l. Would it be possible to find out what they actually did in order to get the downloads to work? have any folder names changed? Are there any config settings that are now different?

According to what they told us, the problem was that they set the filepath wrong on their end to the FastDL.

I assume this is the link in the server.cfg?

The link in the server.cfg was right; they said it was something on their end that was wrong, so I have no idea what was wrong on their end. Probably just a failed flipped switch after the update or something. :