Force download of addons?

I know when I join some servers I have to download any textures or models that come with an addon. When people join my server, only the luas are downloaded, and they cannot see my addons, only errors. How do I force clients to download these textures and models?

You don’t, not part of the game. It’s a stupid idea, otherwise people have to download gigs and gigs from you every time they would join for the first time.

Then how come I remember downloading models and textures on some servers?

Also, I don’t plan on them downloading the addons that are commonly found and also very large, such as PHX or Wiremod. I mean selectively choosing which ones need to be downloaded, such as maybe a 1mb weapons pack or the T-rex npc.

Because they aren’t addons like PCMod or PHX or something. You can’t force the server to download that.

To all of the people rating me dumb > I’ve been doing this for almost two years, I know what I’m talking about. Thanks.

Right on. Having many textures and models to download will make most people stop connecting to your server. People not connecting to your server = fail server.

To answer your question, see this:

I said before that I wasn’t planning on forcing “gigs and gigs” of files to be downloaded, just small ones containing maybe one model and a few textures. And just because I’m new to the facepunch forums doesn’t mean that I’m new to Garry’s Mod and server hosting :wink:

Thank you, brocko, for supplying an answer. That seems to be exactly what I needed.

You can’t pick and choose which addons are uploaded, it’s all or none, and you can’t choose any. It’s part of the game.


I guess you didn’t read brocko’s post. It isn’t all or none and it isn’t part of the game. It’s lua.

I got what I was looking for and I’m tired of arguing with faze. I would appreciate it if a moderator would close this thread.