Force Download Server Content

Still can’t get it to force download. I’ve looked every where and tried a few things. Can anyone tell me what they use and how to?


You can either use WorkshopDL or FastDL. FastDL requires a webhost, but is faster than WorkshopDL.

So you’re having issues making the client download server files. First question, are the files on the server? Do You have fast DL setup? Are you using Workshop?

If I were you I would make a folder ‘garrysmod/addons/resources’ inside resources you can add a model, material, sound, ect directories.
inside this new resources folder create ‘lua/autorun/resource.lua’

resource.lua will look like this
if SERVER then
resource.AddFile( “file/path” )
Are you hosting the server yourself or is it a hosted server? If so who is it with?

Or you can just put the file in lua/autorun/server and forget about the if SERVER then

I am hosting it. and I have to put the Addfile?
omg I’ve done the workshop but not addfile. Do I have to do addfile for every single addon file?

Also what would be a good webhost if anything?

Using workshop. How do i set up FastDL?

thats what i have for the workshop part . it’s just the lua dropped in there.

If you use the workshop I believe you just need to add the workshop ID to the server. The resource.AddWorkshop() should do the job for clients. Can’t recall exactly how to add it to the server. I am with NFO servers. They’ve got great support for questions like this.

For FastDL, you’d have to get the .gma’s of the workshop addons and extract them using GMad. For the resource.AddFile, you can generate one quickly using Fox Warrior’s Resource Generator. Here’s a good tutorial for doing FastDL. Just ignore when it talks about the cache.

I’ll look into it thanks.
Do you know of a good webhost? I’m using