Force Dynamite STool Addon

I’ve seen a few requests in the past for some sort of dynamite that only applied a force on nearby props, rather than damage them. I’ve also wanted to see dynamite where the explosion wouldn’t go through props (so if there is a prop shielding a second prop from the dynamite, the second prop shouldn’t be blasted away).

and so here you have:

Force Dynamite

It’s a STool like normal dynamite, but it only applies force to props within line of sight of the dynamite.
The dynamite can also be set to cause any props near the explosion to break on impact with the next thing they touch.

These screenshots show a simple example, firing an explosive barrel from a cannon.

After using the force dynamite:

This isn’t the best picture but this screenshot shows a prop outside the cannon isn’t being affected by the dynamite.

The script is packaged as a GMod10 addon, so unzip the file into your “garrysmod/addons/” directory.

Download here:

This is sweet lua king for ya and where can i find the download i don’t see it. lol nevermind uploaded it as i posted.

Lua King’d

This is one of the BEST addons I have ever seen in a while. Now I can launch barrels without having them explode themselves. :dance:

Clever, I like it. These are the perfect tool to use with phoenix storm’s torpedoes and flak shells.

This makes for a minge proof stool. It’s gonna be replacing the regular tnt on my servers.

Fantastic job!

Dunk, did I mention I love you?


This just might put a stop to dynamite spam.

The fact that it doesn’t kill me annoyingly is… too perfect for words right now…

it is one of the best stools ever created,love it.


This is more useful than one might think.

Would you like a Lua king, or a winrar?

Does it affect players? :q:

No actually, though that could be abused quite a bit…

Good idea or not?

You could add a toggle?

I love it the fact that it it doesn’t go through props orgasm :fap:

Awesome, a very king-worthy STool. :smiley:

This is what i really needed! Oops! Bumped this thread!

Wrong there, sorry. People spam dynamite to kill or be killed. Mingebag’s in particularly like this.

Good STool dude!

can anyone make a non addon version of this one beacuse i can’t use addons it’s something wrong with my Gmod :S
:frowning: :frowning:

This is so awesome!