Force Field Wall

Back in Gmod 9 there was a neat tool that created a force field when you designated two points.

|                        |
|                        |
|                        |

The X’s would be the places designated, and a rectangular prism would then spawn using the points as opposite corners. Nowadays with everything as its own fancy tool, this could be much more refined.

Minimum of my request(assuming it’s picked up by an interested party) A tool with the ability to create a plane with a wire-able control node. Designate the two opposite corners of the plane, and maybe rotation through a context menu option.

More advanced version: The forcefield is created much the same way described above, but each corner is designated first, and instead of being static, each corner is represented by a small prop. The whole thing is laid out like this: Left click creates a new corner node, then a second, third, fourth and however many the user wants. When done spawning each corner node, they shoot the initial node again to complete the chain. A wire-able controller is then spawned and linked to the chain. The wire can be used to determine who/what is allowed through, what the penalty should be for touching the field (death, hurt, repulsion) Or if it’s a special type of field, Material used.
For example, a player can create an Emancipation Grid from portal, this would vaporize props on contact and remove any weapons not listed in a linked expression. Other examples would be like the combine checkpoint fields that allow specific individuals through but bar access to those without clearance.

This is interesting! I hope someone creates this. I was just looking for an already made emancipation grid. But this will be awesome as well.