force grass on, add prone position.

Anyone agree or disagree? I think it would add a new dimension to helping the nakeds survive against 4 Kevlar monkeys running through the wide open clearly visible fields

I think they’re working on grass optimization for this reason. Plus they don’t want all their pretty grass to go to waste.

I feel like it almost NEEDS to be forced on. It adds more to the game letting you hide. The people who want it turned off are the ones who just don’t want to deal with having to look through grass to kill someone

I agree. Prone would make alot of difference. be able to pretend you are sleeping…

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It drops your FPS when taking grass on

i also made a post about this. the m4 bandits seem to dislike it. since it will be harder for them to KOS new players.

but the grass.on false command is something garry wants to remove in the future, when grass has lesser impact on performance. according to one of the ppl commenting on my thread.

I don’t think prone should be added. Not because of copying other games blah blah blah but because it would be over powered and is unnecessary.

Actually we turn it off so we can find shit in the grass. It’s close to impossible to find bags in tall grass and is pointless to have on. I hate the grass, how dense it is, how you cant find shit. So if they force grass on, I’m pretty sure it will kill the game for a lot of people.

Explain what you mean by “over powered”. Obviously everybody in this thread feels it is necessary as it apparently helps people hide from users going on a killing spree. Considering that’s not uncommon in this game, I’d say grass and prone in combination are quite necessary.

If forced on it does need to be less dense.

Plus after having played with grass on for a bit since update on 24th Jan it did almost give me motion sickness from its sway…

Might aswell work the otherway around, people just lay in the tall grass waiting for someone to drop by to rob or kill.

Im all for this ass long as there will be no 3rd person. Because then that is when Prone + grass is OP. You can hide and see people even though they can’t see you.

Not that I disagree, what’s your point? That seems perfectly acceptable.

If Garry plan to force grass on in the future its an awsome news. A prone would be nice and more immersive too, but not as necessary than force grass on IMO.

I think prone would work well whenever grass doesn’t hurt your performance as bad, people think it would be too much like CoD, but think of all the other good games that use it for example, Dayz uses it to help you hide from bandits everywhere and it makes you atleast a little harder to see with places with even no grass.