Force Kin UK |New 17/07|Admins|Airdrops|AntiCheat|Vanilla (net.connect

Hi all!

We are trying to get our server on its feet and get it populated. We are hoping for any level of player to join us, and are a friendly and active bunch.

Force Kin UK |New 17/07|Admins|Airdrops|AntiCheat|Vanilla



Force Kin UK is a Vanilla PvP & Sleeper server hosted in London UK.

We hope your enjoy our server. Myself and the Moderators do our best to keep this server free from Hackers and Cheaters. This is a constant problem for us and we would appreciate any information and evidence you can give us to help combat this.




Griefing Rules

:diamonds: Do not grief players with anything that cannot be broken with an axe.
:diamonds: Do not place ceilings or walls in other players bases when raiding.
:diamonds: Do not replace doors with your own unless you plan to take over the base as your own
:diamonds: Do not grief with objects that require C4 to remove
:diamonds: Abusing these rules will result in a ban.

General Rules

:diamonds: Any player with a VAC ban on their profile will be banned
:diamonds: No Hacking/Cheating, inc Pillar/Barracade exploit
:diamonds: No Abusive/Racist behaviour
:diamonds: ‘Gamma Hacking’ will get you a warning. Further exploiting will get you banned
:diamonds: No Crouch Sprinting
:diamonds: No Spamming or Advertising of any kind
:diamonds: Server chat in English only
:diamonds: No Private Profiles ( Admin needs to see all details )
:diamonds: Be nice to new players please.

Don’t do anything that you know is not an intended feature of the game.


:diamonds: Will not TP you out of a hole or to anywhere
:diamonds: Will not remove misplaced building materials
:diamonds: Will not replace lost items due to a bug or Hack
:diamonds: Will ban you if you abuse them

Rules will be added/edited depending on further developments of the game.