Force players overwrite other file...

I added some song i called him bla.mp3

Now the song works but i replaced it with another one

How i can do it replace to all the players it?



Please, go into more detail I cannot understand a word you are saying

Ohhh man it easy to understand

I just wanna replace file like update it

i got “Bla.mp3” sound

And i changed it to another song but it still have to be the name “Bla.mp3” and it not replace to other people it :S

Uhh, I can honestly say, that, I have no fucking clue :wtc: you are talking about.


I want replace Bla.mp3

To other people when they enter the server they have now other Bla.mp3

And the server have other - NOT THE SAME LIKE OTHER PEOPLE

i want it match -_-

You can’t. Source will only download files from the server if they don’t already exist on the client.

Also your grammar is terrible.

Well i agree with you

But now they hear wrong song :S

Fuck that :frowning:

When i tryed to edit the name it crashed my srcds D: