Force push/pull/rape SWEP

I’ve looked at sakaris’ time grenade and I got a boner on the reload funtion.
For those of you who havn’t downloaded or used the time grenade, the reload function damages any NPC you look at, if they die, they freeze in the air until you let go of reload.
So i’m kinda asking for a link to a swep that has the following requirements, but it can be close to it, i don’t care.

-Kills then lifts up players, you can toss them arround.
-Force push
-Force pull

Note: I’ve tried the lightsaber pack, but the force powers are terrible in so many ways…

you want something that kills them and ragdolls them, then something that pushes it, pulls it closer. chokes them, and then they get struck with lighting? Why in gods name would you use this on any server besides single player? thats abuse central. I mean i guess ill try, but no guarantee’s

Thanks, I will use it only on singleplayer, but multiplayer support would be awesome.


I mean “kill” swep
Rape (in gaming language) means kill/destroy/annihilate

GamerDiction - a gamer’s terms dictionary - defines ‘Raped me’ as

easily defeated by enemies and standing no chance

either a human or computer enemy inflicting major damage to you while you inflict very little damage to them