force roleplay name

hey there

can anyone make me a script so that as soon as someone enters the server, they are prompted to choose an RP name?

i would like it to be something like:

Please choose a roleplay name. must be real and capitalized, example: John Smith

then a text box

also, if possible, make it not show if the player already has a roleplay name

this is for the darkrp svn


Not sure who anyoen is, but if you want people to use realistic names in RP, then use TacoScript.

realistic names arent the problem. its me constantly having to tell people to set one, this would make administrating much easier

That is the most retarded response I’ve ever heard. You want to make someone asking for a Ply:Nick() script, To skip all the simple stuff, Go into SQL databases and all that? Please. Don’t. Ever. Recommend. TacoScript. Thankyou…

As for the OP… I’m /not/ sure if this will work, but…

If (ply:Nick() == “”) then
(ply:SendChat(" You must set a realistic roleplaying name!");

i can understand the basis of that code, i am shit with lua but i know the concept, what im looking for is a text box that says enter an rp name, then it forces the player to say /name (then the name they typed here), or somehting like such Check in there, If not search for a text input.

Rofl, you set about saying he shouldn’t response with that, when you just showed me the most retarded snippet of lua code I’ve ever seen. Well done.

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“Rofl, you set about saying he shouldn’t response with that”

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Oh yeah, And, That snippet wasn’t even suppose to work, It was meant to be used as an example…

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