Force thirdperson on client?

I’ve been looking at various thirdperson scripts, and the only lead I can find is some other script with a dynamic thirdperson and has something to do with UCCS function (or something similar) which brings no results on google.

Can anyone help? I’m trying to do this in a SWEP, with sv_cheats off.

ooo i had this problem when making a base for an rpg styled gamemode. You want to mess around with calcview. Here’s a link to the wiki page on it

Well i’ve seen a server do it before, Im not sure how though.

there is no way to use thirdperson unless you have "sv_cheats on, but you could use calcview as meka/sniper said.

forcing the client to run the “thirdperson” command is the dumbest way to do it, CalcView is the only way to do it when it comes down to it.

A Thirdperson script, took it directly from the Wiki.
[lua]function MyCalcView(ply, pos, angles, fov)
local view = {}
view.origin = pos-(angles:Forward()*100)
view.angles = angles
view.fov = fov

return view


hook.Add(“CalcView”, “MyCalcView”, MyCalcView)

hook.Add(“ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, “MyHax ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, function(ply)
return true