Force to MPH?

Is there any way to convert ApplyForceCenter into MPH? What I mean is, what would ApplyForceCenter(500) make in MPH, or KM/H?

Force and velocity aren’t the same thing. Newtons and metres aren’t the same unit.

Indeed. Well, Newtons and meters per second aren’t the same unit. And to complicate matters, the source engine doesn’t use any standardized units.

The equation, of course, is the same. Force = (mass)(acceleration), and you can of course easily get velocity from acceleration. So you’ll mainly need to know the mass of your object in source units.

Oh yeah it’s m/s. That’s what I meant to write, but oh well.

I realise that, but how much velocity would an amount of force initially give an object? (drag and gravity do not apply)

Depends on the time for which the force is applied and the mass of the object.

The force is just an initial blast, like it’s coming from gunfire. As for the mass, I’ll need to figure out how to convert grams into source’s version of mass.