Forced wipe? Does it also include modded servers?

Yes, just like the title says.

Consider even glancing at the thread list to see if your topic’s been mentioned next time.

And, when a wipe is forced by changes to the map procedural generator, all servers must wipe when updating, modded or not, because the old map will be incompatible. The devs hold back all changes to procgen until the first Thursday of the month. (What month is it?)

Okay sorry. And thanks.

I like explaining it to my server in mostly the same way you just did, and then someone literally asks “so when is the wipe”? five seconds later. It’s incomprehensible sometimes how lazy and willfully uninformed some people insist on being.

“Kicked (reason: look at a fucking calendar before you come back in here)”

…and this is why I’m not a server admin. :buckteeth: