Forced Wipe schedule (again) ?

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is it the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month that we should expect a forced server wipe? does this always happen or is this just a guideline?


Also, does everything wipe including BP knowledge on players?

Wipe on official servers is every month (first thursday) . BPs wipes are not regular, but when changes are made by Facepunch Studio

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I’m fairly certain that BPs wipe on the first of the month as well. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Map is forced wiped every FIRST Thursday of the month. And that wipes every server, modded community and official. BP wipes are not scheduled and never have been. When they introduce a new BP system; that’s usually when they wipe BPs. Usually, BPs have lasted for multiple months before they tweak them and have to force a BP wipe. Garry is working on a levelling system and he says he’s about a month away from completion. Expect your BPs to wipe on every server on the first Thursday of March. Keep in mind that there are servers that wipe their BPs every few months and keep it on a schedule. Ex: Reddit server and Rustopia.

no BP wipe is not every time, and this time i have heard is not one of those times just server wipe

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BP wipes on official servers (and forced for everyone else) only occur when significant changes are made to the BP system. There’s only been like 2 in the last year+. Expecting one soon with the new leveling system though.

Private servers (of course) can wipe BPs more often.