Forced wipe this week (7/30)?

Did I miss a forum post or tweet or announcement of some kind on whether this weeks’ update will force a map wipe? Anyone know? It’s been every four weeks for several months now, but usually something is said about the new proc gen release and mandatory wipes.



Dood look through the forums before you post. Topic of the same thing is just a few below

Can’t you just have an official onouncment for the wipe and not a random tweet. I’d like to see something more professional. I’m a grown man I don’t need to be cheking tweets.

Indeed I had missed that post lower down, tks elixwhitetail for putting the link. I’m with Ibanez87, communication from this dev team is sub-par and that’s being nice. The last patch had 4 hotfixes posted which you never heard about unless you were checking for updates on your server twice a day. I’ve got better things to do and getting “clear and advance” notice on updates/fixes/wipes is the least they could do to help the admins in the community.


Bullshit, facepunch communicates through their forums, through their twitter accounts, and through their official webpage. They’re not going to hold your hand and read the news as they tuck you into bed, it’s your job to look for it if you want it.

The forced wipe is the first Thursday of every month. Has been that way for months now. It’s a regular schedule. Anyone that’s been playing Rust more than a few weeks should probably know this.

He does have a point though none of the 4 updates were announced. The only reason I know they ever happened is because I get emails from Oxide’s site telling me a new version of Oxide is available…

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Yet, Garry said the wipe will be “at the end of the month”. I swear, he is the God of all trolls sometimes with his obscure tweets :slight_smile:

Seems unfair to server owners though… And I’m pretty sure unexpected wipes get blamed on admin, “you don’t know what your doing!” And boom there goes server Populatuon.

lol wtf did I just read… I have never seen a server turn to the admins for unexpected wipes and if your an admin, its pretty damn simple to say why the server wiped to you population.

If I was a server owner and my players were that dumb I’d explain nicely once and then start handing out bans for people who insisted on bitching after hearing the explanation.

Because, seriously, it’s a fucking alpha, expectations are too high if a group of players pull that on a server admin.

he said right on the forums in the link elixwhitetail posted when it was

People are dumbasses in general. To paraphrase the great George Carlin. “Think of how dumb the average person is and then realize half the people are dumber than that”.

And I did ban some dude on our server a while back for something like this. Someone asked in chat what happened to a large forest that was near my base. I said I’d clear cut it. As soon as I said that, the server owner sent a console message telling people to get safe because he was rebooting the server in 2 minutes to apply a hot fix. When we came back, this one idiot started claiming admin abuse that there was no hot fix and I was rebooting the server only to respawn resources near my base.

I nicely explained that I was a moderator only. I didn’t have RCON access, couldn’t reboot. The server owner was the one that was rebooing for a hotfix for server bugs. Everyone got it except this one guy. And he kept on raging about this. So I banned him. Don’t need that kind of idiot on the server.

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And also, people are just fucking lazy. There’s this culture of entitlement that people seem to have. They want to know stuff, but don’t want to have to look it up. They just want others to spoon-feed them the information. And then they get upset if people don’t spoon feed them fast enough.

The irony is, if they’d taken like 2 minutes of their time to actually look it up, they would have found the answer they’re looking for right away. It actually takes them longer to come to a forum and make the post and wait for the answer than if they looked for it themselves.

Love some of the hostility for expressing an opinion, mature crowd I see. Not going to waste too much of my time here then. So admins should be sitting at their consoles, looking every 15 mins to make sure some new patch hasn’t come out? Then kick off all their players, blindly apply the patch and hope everyone comes back? Four times in four days…

So me saying something better than a tweet (or none in these cases) to advise owners/admins a new server side patch is out is waaaayyy out of line? Gotcha!

P.S. Rcon does not send notices for hotfixes.

That is all.

So I used a small bash script to check new versions all 15 minutes.
Script on github

My server gives notice through rcon/ingame that a new patch is available so both admin and players are aware of it.

It doesn’t display in game