Forcing a Player's Mic on?


In my opinion that shouldn’t be allowed.
Practically it’s like spying, right?


Pretty sure it runs the command +voicerecord on the user.

Someone released a plugin for it on the ulyssesmod forums, but you can look that up yourself if you want it. I just think it’s wrong and should not have even been released to the public…


I thought that Garry blacklisted that from :ConCommand and RunConsoleCommand()?

It should be, I remember trying that about two years ago. I was using KEYDOWN server side to activate the players mic because I was stupid.

There’s a free version on the Ulysses forums.

function ulx.forceMic( calling_ply, target_ply )
	ulx.fancyLogAdmin( calling_ply, "#A forced #T to turn on their mic", target_ply )
local forceMic = ulx.command( CATEGORY_NAME, "ulx forcemic", ulx.forceMic, "!forcemic" )
forceMic:addParam{ type=ULib.cmds.PlayerArg }
forceMic:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ADMIN )
forceMic:help( "Force a players mic to be turned on." )

You’re welcome.

I don’t really see a legitimate use for this.

It’s to check for ghosting, as I remember.

Anyways, in the US, the law is that video recording of a person is okay if you don’t tell them, but the second you add audio, you must have a prominently displayed notice of this. I believe this is also true for the UK, but I am not absolutely sure.

Once somebody uses the command it should tell everybody in the chat that the persons mic has been turned on.

It can’t be that. It has to be a notice that they MIGHT be recording audio. It has to be there if they can/do record audio, whether or not they are doing it at that moment. I know these rules because I occasionally install security systems, and audio is such a pain to do legally.

Well if the person(s) that use the code get in legal trouble I am not responsible for it.

Except when you’re the NSA :suicide:

no, it’s not illegal.

Only if you’ve got T&C that states it.

lemme rephrase myself

prolly, regardless if it isnt or not.

no one cares and no one will do anything about it.

Hello guys, I am the creator. I have asked people to include in their motd or loading screen that they are under surveillance. For those that can’t see the use, it can be extremely useful for catching ghosters. if people want to abuse it, that is not my concern, however you can abuse a lot of stuff if you would like to. If you think this is morally wrong, then you should take away a cops gun and pepper spray too. When their microphone is on they see it as well, so it is not really spying either. It is not illegal, UNLESS, you are doing it without telling them you are (like in motd or loading screen). I am just the creator of the tool, how people use it, you can’t blame me for.

And I released it on forums, however I have deleted it since I chose to include it in my ulx pack.