Forcing clients to download new version of custom files?

Hi all,

I have searched a little about this, but couldn’t find a satisfying answer.

I modified some of my custom files that are added to the download list, but players doesn’t re-download them, so they are using the old versions. How do I force them to download the new version?

Shouldn’t server checks if client’s file isn’t same size/crc/date, so if it’s same as server’s file don’t upload to client, else re-upload to client?

Is it a bug or intentional?


I misread.

As far as I know, if a client already has a file with the same name, it’s impossible to overwrite that file.

rename the file?

Well, to the smartass people who disagreed with jimbodude, maybe write your solutions?

thegrb93, yes I know I could rename, I’m just asking if that problem is intentional or if it’s a bug.

You cannot add or remove files from the download list after the game has already started up. Though you could network a lua file via string to the client and have then run it with CompileString()

He is talking about people already having like models for his servers and he wants to force them to redownload.

There’s not a way to make them redownload, I wish though lol.

I agree. I’ve never been able to force clients to redownload models or material files they already have, and have had to rename, and edit them. If there’s a way to force clients to download and overwrite materials/models they already have, I’d appreciate an explanation.

If they have the resources already, why should they be overwritten?

He may have changed the view of a model or whatever and wants the clients to re-dl them.