Forcing Download of Soun Files (dedicated to client)

Hey, I’m hosting a dedicated server for a few friends, and had downloaded a soundpack and created some of my own sounds for use. The thing is, the client doesn’t download the sounds from the server (but, I assume it should since there’s an option to disable sound downloads in the client).

Right now I have sounds in two locations:

I would assume that they SHOULD autodownload, because that’s how all addons work that are already on the server. So am I putting my sounds in the wrong place or what?

Any help is appreciated.

Im also wondering -.-

You need to do this:

The easiest way to do it would probably be to open an addon that you already got installed, and expand the list with the extra files that you want downloaded.

Remember that clients can choose to not download sound files in the options menu, even if you added them to the resource.AddFile. The only way to ensure that the client got the sound files, would be by using script-enforce.