Forcing Downloads on Gmod Server

Hey there fellow Gmodders,

I’m having a bit of a problem when trying to force downloads on my server, for custom sweps, player models, and the sort.

I am using ULX on my server, and have tried editing the downloads.txt to force downloads. When I do that, most LUA files that need to be downloaded show up as “Others” when players connect, but don’t end up being downloaded. It will download ANY other files fine. I have also tried using the LUA file method, and it does the same thing. Even specifying the files individually does the same exact thing. Keep in mind, this only happens for LUA files, not any material or txt files.

I MUST be missing something here, as other servers seem to have no problem.

Xenon Servers is our host, if that helps any.

Please help, this is very frustrating :<

Try using ulx addForcedDownload instead. You must put it at the end of the ULX server.ini file.