Forcing npcs to find player?

Hi i messing around with Npc_template_maker, everything is working fine, but the spawned npcs don’t find the player unless i get close to them. Is there a way to make it so as soon as the npc spawns that they try to find the player? Thanks!

well, you can make ai_goal_assault to get them to move.

Not sure if this is the best method, but this should work:

  1. Parent an info_target to the player
  2. Make an aiscripted_schedule for the templated npc to run to the info_target. Make the interruptibility general.
  3. Set an output to start the schedule every time an npc is spawned.
    That should do it, presuming the map is nodded.

You don’t have to parent the info_target, just put the value in the goal entity “!player”

If in multiplayer you must use just Player without the ! or else it won’t work.

Can I have a short explanation on how to use players as a target please? Like, how do I use, !player or Player, in say, an ai_relationship?

Just type !player for the target name.

To clarify.

If you are in single player, use !player as the targetname, this will react accordingly depending on what you’re inputting it into.

For example !player set to be liked in an ai_relationship will make the npc friendly.

If you are in multiplayer, using !player will not work since there are multiple players.

So in multiplayer you just type Player without the ! and this will make the npc friendly to all players on the server.