Forcing stopsound on users?

The map I’m using for my server has quite a few bugs with sounds, and can be simply be fixed with stopsound. The thing is, some of my clients do not know how to open there console, and the ones who do get tired of doing it every time they join. I tried forcing the player to run the console command when they spawn to the server, but it comes to find out its one of the blocked commands that can’t be forced onto the player without using the console. Is there some sort of alternative to that I can use to automatically to stop all sound when the player joins the game?

PlayerEntity:ConCommand( “stopsound” )

I get

ConCommand blocked! (stopsound)

Is there another way?

Can you see if the same think happens with RunConsoleCommand( “stopsound” ) clientside

Ah, this one actually worked. Usually commands that are blocked from being ran by lua or blocked both ways. Thank you!