Ford Falcon XB Sedan (I already have the model, need it rigged)

A friend passed along a model of a Ford Falcon XB Sedan in MFP livery (from Mad Max) that was made for Trackmania. Having nothing else to do with it, I figured I’d have a go at finding someone to rig it for Garry’s Mod.

That having a go failed outright and now I’m just gonna post the thread up here and see if anyone’s interested. I doubt it’ll get many replies, if any.

If you want to help, you don’t have to be able to rig vehicles. Getting it into Source format (or any common model format) from Trackmania’s model format (.gbx) is the first step. If you can do even that then it’d be a huge help in the long run! I’ll provide what I have as-is for anyone interested.

We’re talking about this thing, by the way.

Edit- I’d appreciate if you would add me on steam. You’ll get a quicker response, since I may not even remember to check the thread for a while.

Nobody? Come on, surely someone can help.

someone get this shit working im gay for mad max


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it is coming