Ford Fiesta mark I

It has horrible physical properties (After parenting some parts spazz and the wheels act really weird

Constructive criticism please

add doors and a bumpers trunk thing for hatch backs other wise its good

fugly windows

Show me how to make better ones then, please? :slight_smile:

Wow images just refuse to load

they loaded for me earlier but now they don’t load anymore :geno:

Weird, is filesmelt down?

Photobucket or nothing


Varför har du inga dörrar på din bil?

Ew. Those windows are horrid.

I don’t like it very much.

btw you should finish it before showing it to us.

Shift + E


there were angles that were not 90 or 45 degrees, i had to use the advanced angle rotator.

AND PLEASE tell me how to make better windows, they always clip, i’m using phx3

use gm_snapdegrees 15 in console to get more angles the shift + e snaps to

you have the basic shape of a fiesta, but its looks a bit messy. try using easy precision or precision alignment.



Nevermind. I thought he meant Mark 1 as in version of the contraption, not actual car model. :downs:

Well i think that is good, but u could add some doors, fix the windows, and add some more details. :downs:)