Foreign lifeforms inventory, suspended state of cryogenics; Possibly I've seen too much. Hangar 18... I know too much.

Welcome to my fortress tall, I’ll take some time to show you around:



Everything you see was either scenebuilt or edited, the only map that I used was gm_scenebuild_night.

Basically the whole thing was to test what I can do with a bright colour palette, fog, lighting and scenebuilding. Oh, and fooling around with the improved version of that hack I made. Fun fact: He still doesn’t have a neck, the spinal columns you see in some pics are either separate models or edited. He doesn’t really have a tie either, and I’m going to fix that. The torso rigging also sucks.

Vic is bad-ass. The whole thing is fucking awesome. Great work Joazzz :buddy:


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So goddamn sexy.

I’ve played too much Minecraft…

There is only glory in this thread.

Holy fuck Rattlehead.
So much god damn win.

Megadeth for president 2012

You and your scenebuilding mang.

I don’t think anyone will be able to count how much times you and zerax posted this song on the forums. It’s not even surprising anymore.

Aside from that, good work.

Some of the models look really low quality and fucked up and in one picture theres some wonking posing, but this shit is still great, your small/little flaws don’t even hinder the quality of the picture/comic. Great job once again Joaz.

Great work, it’s looking very close to the original cover art!

joazzz you magnificent bastard

Wow, this looks like it would have took a lot of work and dedication.
Great work brah!


you did it comarade!

Could have made it even closer, but didn’t want to make a 1:1 remake.

Eighth picture is goddamn awesome.

I can’t give enough winner ratings your glorious bastard.

Fucking epic.

Sadly, the impact is not that awesome, because all the music is blocked for me.

Also, I LOVE the 2nd picture