Forest Ambush

Something doesn’t feel right about the pictures quality

its nice overall, but yeah the compression isn’t doing any justice

Saved again with 100% jpeg quality. Better?

Serve me for lunch to a hydralisk, but I do not see any difference.

Now we need a Volus to pretend he’s Wickett from Return of the Jedi and the scene is complete :wink:

It’s still got some pretty serious artifacting. I’m gonna do a shameless self plug here and suggest you read these threads. The posing and atmosphere in this picture is amazing, but the aliasing on some of the foliage and the obvious compression take away from it.

In addition, something about the DOF is odd. Did you use SDOF or try to do it in post?

Added blur later in PS.
SDoF can only have one point of focus, I needed two.

Got my antialiasing on 8x MSAA and jpeg quality is set to 100.
Original is…edgy. I blurred what mostly jumped in the eyes. I may have been lazy while doing it.

In that case, I think you probably would’ve been better off skipping the DOF altogether and spending more time on getting the AA/compression together. I’ve had to add in DOF after the fact before myself, and it’s extremely difficult. Sometimes it’s just not needed, or doesn’t look right.