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Radiation Gaming?!
Radiation gaming is a small community that owns a number of different roleplays (And a modified cakescript gamemode for each roleplay). We’ve been around for about a year and a half, and we’ve seen our fair share of good and bad roleplayers. We now have a very experienced admin team, and we’re hoping to attract a few more good roleplayers. We hope that any of you who decide to come check us out will obey the rules, and roleplay nicely.

Our community had owned multiple servers, and ran numerous roleplays. Our most popular being Desert Roleplay, which ran on csc_desert.
Our second most popular was Forest Roleplay, which I will explain more about later.
Our forest RP server is a 16-slot, relatively lag-free server, and our regulars are very active. All we need now, is some new players to join the fray.
Forest Roleplay and Desert Roleplay aside, we’ve ran our fair share of servers and roleplays. Here’s a small list and a brief description for each one, if you’re interested. If you want to hear more about Forest Roleplay, skip ahead!

  • -Medieval Roleplay:
    We ran this twice on rp_year1959. It was set in a fantasy-medieval world, with flags such as monarch, knight, peasant, blacksmith, and disciple. All but the last are fairly self-explanatory, the last being a sort of mage.
    There were occasional wars held between the two islands.

-Sins of Thy Father Roleplay:
This one didn’t last very long, and it only lasted for about a month or two.
It was set in a city, right after a zombie apocalypse. The city was relatively well-barricaded, but the occasional zombie attack wasn’t unheard of. It was similar to RLRP, but with the added awesomeness of zombies.

-City Roleplay:
Basically a glorified RLRP, this one was fairly popular for a few weeks, but demand slowly died down. This shared certain themes from our previous roleplays, but was never really given a proper chance to blossom.

-Previous Forest Roleplay verions:
Our current version is very similar to the original, as it was extremely popular way back when. However, we have held a second version, which was similar to medieval RP, as it was set in a fantasy-setting. This didn’t last very long as the map was fairly user-unfriendly. (Trees having missing materials for those who didn’t have ep1/2, etc.)

-Desert Roleplay:
Our most popular script. We ran on csc_desert and it was set in a post-nuclear apocalypse, and was based around the idea of rebuilding the world.
The most common flags were citizen/trader, CoA(That’s the Coalition of America. And you saw it HERE first. No matter what anyone else says. It belongs to us!), Town Watch, and Mutant. However, we also had a more secretive flag known as Lamia. These worked like vampires, and have been in most of our roleplays. They have now, however, been replaced with Vila.

-Far Flung Hope:
One of our very few non-RP gamemodes. Far Flung Hope was a Combine vs Rebel Team Deathmatch. We ran a campaign that lasted a week or two, involving a full map. There were several squads for the combine and Rebels, and each squad had a leader. Each leader could choose where his/her respective squads could move to try and take. Kinda like a game of risk. Only with more killing, gutting and maiming.*

We are currently running on a modified cakescript, on Forest Roleplay. The map we are using is Rp_Robynsvalley_b1. We have countless custom items (But we try to stay away from custom models, for the sake of those joining.), and we have a number of awesome features that enhance the feeling of immersion, and just make the roleplay seem more interesting. Unlike HL2RP, or RLRP, we are running a roleplay which is directly affected by YOU. Every player has the ability to manipulate the story as much as they want, every action YOU make, will most probably have an effect on the outcome of the story. As a great man once said, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”. We are usually active around 2PM-11PM Eastern Standard Time (6PM-3AM GMT), and when the server’s active, there are usually a number of huge plot twists and advancements made.

Not only all that, but we are a serious roleplay community. That also means you have the freedom to do ANYTHING you want (so long as it doesn’t break rules, or is completely ridiculous.). Much like other serious roleplay servers, you are able to do what you want, how you want it. Want to be an evil scientist amassing an army of clones? Find yourself a danky warehouse, set up your lab, and start luring your victims!
Want to be a doctor who finds the cure to a horrible disease? Find yourself somewhere to work, and do some good ol’ passive roleplaying! (Passive roleplay is often the most rewarding roleplay, after all.)

Extra awesome features?!
As previously mentioned, there are a number of scripts and items that help the feeling of immersion and enhance roleplay.
Firstly, cakescript has a basic clock in the top left hand corner of the screen. We are able to use this to create a proper day/night enviroment. Every server-minute is the same as a real-life minute. So every day lasts 24 minutes. In that time, the lighting of the map will change accordingly, hence letting you know, explicitly, whether it is day or night.
In addition to this, we have a script that, at any randomly determined time, can cause torrential downpours, light showers, or even just patchy clouds(Not created by us). We are also working on a script in addition to this weather mod (Credit goes to the creator), which will make it snow. This greatly enhances roleplay, and is quite fitting, considering the roleplay is set in Russia.
As with most serious roleplay and cakescipt servers, we have a working inventory system, and hundreds of working items. There are several kinds of alcohol, vodka being the most common, and there are numerous kinds of food.

Forest Roleplay!?
Forest Roleplay has been through a number of versions over the past year and half-ish. This is the fourth version, and it’s probably reaching it’s final stages now.
Forest Roleplay is a roleplay set in (You guessed it!) a forest! The roleplay is set in a small town in Russia, where there is little to zero military contact. It is not particularly set in the future, nor the past, but more of an ambiguous now-ish date. The small town, somewhere in Serbia, was a relatively quaint and secluded town, until a large corporation named “Honshu Robotics” moved in. Now, don’t get me wrong. This company doesn’t send giant mech-suits running around maiming people and tearing their wives in two, but they are pretty evil. Here is a brief summary of each of the ‘factions’.

  • -Citizens:
    The citizen flag is a public flag, and the flag you start with.
    The citizens are usually locals who live in the town, and will mostly be Russian. (Although, feel free to create a character of a different nationality, and say he/she has recently travelled there). As a citizen, you are free to create any player-created factions as you like. (Although, none have really formed yet.)
    Citizens do not have access to a business tab.

-Town Watch:
The Town Watch is not a public flag. They spawn with a stun stick and pistol.
The Town Watch are just the police force of the valley. The way they act is really dependant upon the character who is using the flag, an example of this, is the fact that they are being lead by a very, shall we say, “opinionated” Police Chief.
As the Town Watch is a private flag, we have little to no abuse with it. However, if you are trusted enough to be given the flag, abuse of it will result in you being de-flagged, and possibly kicked/banned, depending on severity.

There are a number of flags available for those who want to RP as a member of Honshu Robotics, none of which are public. To become a member of Honshu, you must apply on the forums via an in-character aptitude test.

-Security: The Security Guards spawn with a pistol, and their primary objective is to serve Ms. Aisha Honshu, the CEO of Honshu Robotics. However, when she is not around, they are under orders of the next of rank (For example, any directors/scientists.).

-Scientists: (IE: Biotechnitions, animatronic-ists(?), nutritionists, etc.) The scientist is a public flag, however, just having the Scientist flag does not mean you can roleplay as a Honshu Scientist. You must sign up on the forums for that. Scientists reside in the Honshu main facility and are usually at the centre of the roleplay.

-CEO/Director: There are limited places for these, as they are a very prestigious and powerful flag, able to change the direction of the roleplay greatly.

Outcasts are a public flag, but they don’t spawn with any weapons.
The Outcasts are citizens who have been shunned from civility due to their hostility towards Honshu. They are aggressive to Honshu, and Honshu alone. This, however, does not give you an excuse to DM. Although they strongly dislike Honshu, they aren’t crazed murderers.

This is a public flag. You are given a business tab, where you can buy a huge selection of food, drink, licences, and weaponry.
This faction is relatively self-explanatory, they would normally be completely neutral towards the different factions, but again, that depends on your character. You may give discounts to the Anti-Honshu, or vice versa. You may even choose to not serve either extreme, to remain true neutral.

The Vila is a private flag, and one that will only be given to 2-3 members of the community.
Their name is derived from ancient Slavic mythology, and are a sort of deviation from the typical woodland fairy, and have the ability to shapeshift. In real Slavic mythology, Vila can appear as Swans, Horses, Wolves, and women. But due to the limitations of Gmod, we’ve shortened the list and altered it a bit.
They spawn with a swep which causes a lightning bolt to strike where the crosshair is pointing, the pigeon pill, and the headcrab pill. However, these are purely for aesthetics, as the Vila will only kill when absolutely necessary. They are tricksters of sorts, and considered a complete urban legend in the little town.
These are more of a plot device at the moment, and they have played quite a large part in the roleplay.*

The team!?
The head admin, and head developer is an awesome guy called Jacker. He’s not around often, but when he is, things get done. Fast.
We have two super admins. That’s Psyche and Mr. Magoo.
The only thing I’m going to say here is, don’t mess with Psyche, or he will fuck you up.
And we also have two newly-elected regular admins. That’s V4lt3rr1 and Megadeth (Or Deth Dice).

Our dev-team is relatively small, as Jacker is the only one that does anything code-related.
The lead coder (And only coder) is Jacker.
Our mappers are Mania and Floater.
Mania has also been doing some models for us, too. So I guess he could be considered our head modeller.

Yes, we have forums! And they are pretty active, considering we don’t have a large community.
Our forums are filled with information on the current RP, and there will be a thread kept up-to-date with all the current affairs.
Here it is! I am aware that the URL is pretty long; we used to have the domain, but that’s temporarily down.
On the forums, you have access to applications, information, and help and support.
Oh, and I know the banner across the top says the current RP is “Medieval”. That needs updating. Like I said, Forest Roleplay is new.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you pay us a visit!

Note: We also have an old, second alternate link to the forums.

This looks promising. I’ve been looking for a proper rp server for a while now and I like what I see here.

Ill give it a try. Sounds promising and something with a fresh concept.

Snip. Section ninja’d.

First i’ll say this is incredibly well structured, and deserves recognition for that if for nothing else. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a variety of origional back stories on a roleplay server before. Seems like you guys like to keep things from getting stale, a good plan indeed. I’ll have to sign up on your forums, that Honshu sounds fun.

Thanks for the compliment. Took me goddamn hours to arrange.
And, yeah. You’re definitely right, there. It never gets boring. I mean, in the few hours since I posted this, I’ve already heard of new content being added.
It’s a mining system, you can read about it on our forums.

This sounds very promising.

What map is this running? I don’t think you actually said, and if so, is it publicly available or private? I hate trying to get maps through FastDL…

I did mention, it’s RP_RobynsValley_b1.
And yeah, it’s publicly available.
Oh, it’s a 16-slot, if I didn’t mention that.
It’s up right now, but we’re adding a modified snow mod right now, everything should be up-to-date and working in about 30 minutes.

ahh, I must have skipped that bit. I might drop by sometime. Make a change from trying to not get killed by random twat who can’t RP.

I look forward to it.

I know what you’re saying.Rp isn’t what it used to be…

I just played it and i have to tell that I enjoyed it a lot. First I roleplayed a wandering trader (with not too much success), then, I got my character inside the main history of this roleplay, when he founds a strange monster that is supposed to be extint. Then we fucked around with coolface and bandwagon jokes.
I would recomend the server to anyone here on FP

Yeah it was a pretty good RP for once. Though I have to stop being nosy and trying to find out what that company are up to, it’s got me killed already :v:

I went on here about an hour ago, I can safetly say its the most immersive rp next to TnB. When he said someone new can effect the direction of the rp he means it. LOVE IT!

Actually, we just selected you to be an “intruder” to be the target dummy for Honshu’s new turret.

Glad to hear you like it. Also, fixed.

Oh god :geno: My life is at risk again.

Really, though. I would have expected anyone to move the second they see a turret being lowered from the ceiling. I’m still sorry about that, by the way.

The turret was already on the ground when the door opened up. And no you aren’t, we used the elevator to drop his body into a flaming pile of props. Several times.

damn you :argh: I liked that body.