Forest take over

This is an unfinished (kinda) scence build, I havent added any effects I just dont know what to do with this scene. Zombie Apocalypse is overused.

Antlions? Walking trees? Gnomes? Fruit and other yummys?

Maybe a grub invasion and people running…

I am kinda half serious by the way.

Nah they’ll just kill em for health care

you should add some small shrubs growing out of the concrete

Hmmph. Props are positioned nicely, but before everyone else, I might as well say it.


Unless, of course, you cant :stuck_out_tongue:

Skeletons are needed.

Very original. Looks… grassy. :smiley:

Where did you get the road model/texture? Prop placement is nice.

Like I said, this is really only half a scene build, I made it on gm_bigcity
I can turn up the graphics, they are only halfway up now.

Ok since I couldnt decide on what kind of scene I wanted to make, I just made as many as I could think of.

Giant Tree Spirit

Grub Takeover

Dog vs Strider 2

Jurassic Park

Allied Patrol (about to be ambushed)

Alma is a creepy bitch

A Warhammer Dreadnought with a stupid flag

And me

I say good work.


Crashed gunship!

Heh, the Grub Takeover and Jurrasic park are my favorites. Nicely done.